Good Friday: Nervous Curtains, Hey Hollywood, Doyle Bramhall, The O's, Within Chaos, Tomorrowpeople, King Bucks, Semi Precious Weapons, Clint Niosi

Between the music section and the calendar section, we've tipped you off to most of the interesting shows going on around the region already. So, a quick refresher...

Tonight, there's the newly-signed Rescue Signals show at the Liquid Lounge, The Killdares at the House of Blues, Glen Campbell at the Nokia Theatre and Yo! Majesty and Natalie Stewart at Hailey's.

Tomorrow night, there's Doug Burr's The Shawl release at Sons of Hermann Hall, Beauxregard and others at the Fairmount in Fort Worth as part of The Good Show's showcase, the Black Tie Dynasty, What Made Milwaukee Famous, The Boxing Lesson and PVC Street Gang show at the Granada and Richie Havens at Rock House Films.

But, wait! There's more!

Nervous Curtains, The Make-Believers, Followed By Static
Friday, Jan. 16, at the Double Wide

It's gonna be cold out tonight, right? I ask because Sean Kirkpatrick and his brooding, Tom Waits-y Nervous Curtains are about as good as it gets around here with cold-weather music...

Hey Hollywood, a whole bunch of others
Friday, Jan. 16, at The Door

An email came across the inbox about a week back now, touting this show as a special one for the pop-punky Hey Hollywood guys. Promised tonight: A whole new sound. And something else new that we're not allowed to say. (A hint, though: What's in a name?) Can't necessarily vouch for something we haven't heard, but if you're felling risky, don't mind high schoolers, and weren't planning on drinking tonight anyway, well...

Doyle Bramhall, Rocky Athas
Friday, Jan. 16, at The Granada

Dallas' own Bramhall takes to the Granada tonight for what should be an enjoyable set for blues fans. Guy didn't collaborate with a who's who of Texas greats (ZZ Top, the Vaughan brothers, more) out of sheer luck--he's plenty good on his own, thanks. His 2008 release, Is It News? was nominated for a Best Blues Grammy last year, 'case ya didn't already know.

The O's
Friday, Jan. 16, at Poor David's Pub

I got these guys' full-length--which is essentially the same as their EP, just six songs longer--about two weeks ago or so, and lemme tell you: It's pretty great. The EP tracks and the new add-ons blend perfectly together, and, whereas the EP was dominated by John Pedigo's country twang vocals, there's some real standouts sung by Taylor Young on this blue-grassy disc.

Within Chaos, The Destro
Saturday, Jan. 17, at Rubber Gloves in Denton

Two of Dallas' premier metal acts--both performed on Ozzfest's Texas Stage back in August--take to Rubber Gloves for what should be a pretty brutal show. Plus, metal was meant to be watched in concrete rooms. True story, I think. Look it up.

The Tomorrowpeople
Saturday, Jan. 17, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton
Missed these guys when they played Dada last night? OK, here's another shot--and the recently reunited Ye Olde 20th Century area powerhouse are the only ones on the bill. But, seriously: I caught their first reunion show back at the Double Wide a few months back, and it was great. So if you haven't seen these guys and their newly reinvograted interest in performing, go for it.

The King Bucks, Calhoun, Jack County, The Atoms 
Saturday, Jan. 17, at Club Dada

The Atoms out of San Diego are actually a pretty catchy, lo-fi, retro garage pop outfit, but man, talk about being fortunate: They stop through Dallas and get to play with Calhoun, one of the area's most painfully under-appreciated acts, and the King Bucks, who play about nine times a week and still manage to be a big draw every time...Jeez. Also: Talked to Buck bassist/guitarist Danny Balis recently; he said the Bucks' record of original material should be ready for release in the very near future...

Semi Precious Weapons, Nico Vega, Von Iva
Saturday, Jan. 17, at Sue Ellen's

Wait--where? Well, good on Sue Ellen's for finally making good on its new-ish sound system. This is actually a pretty great little lineup of touring acts, banded together under the "Hell on Heels" tour name. You may know Brooklyn's Semi Precious Weapons as that band that got area bands to hound you on Myspace about their video shoot at South Side on Lamar's roof last weekend--or maybe you know them from their winning our sister paper, The Village Voice's reader music poll not too long ago. Either way, this is a kickass bill, folks--maybe the best of the weekend, if you like dance rock, electro-dance, or basically any kind of high-energy music that you can move to. Again, good on Sue Ellen's.

Clint Niosi, Kristina Moreland
Sunday, Jan. 18, Lola's Stockyards

Two of Fort Worth's finest singer-songwriters--Niosi, whose voice is strong yet distant, and Moreland, whose voice is frail yet alluring--take to Lola's Stockyard's basement venue stage in this, the venue's opening weekend. Should be a nice, calming cap to the weekend.

...and that's the best of the rest. Feel free to add your own. And, as always, have fun out there.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.