Good Records Eighth Birthday Party with The Black Angels, Colourmusic, Record Hop and more

There is no weak spot on this amazing, nearly all-local, all-day lineup that the Good folks have assembled. The show belatedly marks the store's eighth birthday and also falls on "Record Store Day," a national celebration of independent record stores.

At first glance, the lineup's order seems inexplicable: Why would an established band like The Theater Fire play an 11 a.m. set when a relatively little-known act like Frogboy has an 8 p.m. slot? But musically, it makes perfect sense. Good Records assistant store manager C.J. Davis once likened choosing the order of bands in a show lineup to creating a mix CD. Both should flow smoothly, ultimately building to a climax. This one should do that perfectly.

The Theater Fire kicks the fete off with its lively traditional folk, guaranteed to wake up anyone in the store. Things settle down a bit with Mom's intricate, sample-accented acoustic soundscapes, which is then followed by a couple hours of folk standout singer-songwriters. Astronautalis, The Baptist Generals and Lions will incrementally build up the tension again, and then it gets (mostly) quieter and more contemplative from Robert Gomez's 6 p.m. set through the 8 p.m. set of Frogboy—the name under which former Comet guitarist Daniel Huffman performs experimental laptop instrumentals. His electronic beats should segue nicely to The Great Tyrant's guitar-free, synth-fueled goth-metal, which should more than adequately prepare the audience for the skuzzy blues-rock, guitar noise, noisy pop and psychedelic garage-rock to follow.

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Jesse Hughey
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