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Graham Fink of Milo Greene On Fake PR Guys and Touring With the Walkmen

For a band that has only been around a couple of years, Milo Greene has already garnered some positive press and some cool touring partners. You may have caught the band last month when they opened for the Walkmen at the Granada; now the band is back for a headlining slot at LaGrange.

Speaking from his home in Los Angeles and in anticipation for tonight's show, multi-instrumentalist Graham Fink spoke about his love for our fair city and how the band represents another in a long line of Americana bands from California.

Where did you come up with the band name? Everyone in the band was in different bands and we wanted to come up with something that sounded professional. Robbie [Arnett] and Andrew [Heringer] came up with this persona and email account for Milo Greene in order to reach out to promoters and venues. Everybody in the band thought it sounded legitimate.

You have a cool name. Ever think of calling the band Graham Fink? Maybe it will be my solo project and my band name. I will work on that for you.

How many shows did you play with the Walkmen? We did seven or eight shows in about 14 days. I've been a fan of theirs for about a decade now. I was pretty excited to go out with them.

There is a pretty stark difference between bands. We were so busy that we didn't have time to think about it. It all went well. We did what we did and people enjoyed it. The guys in the Walkmen had pretty eclectic tastes. They were open to something a little bit different. I don't think we are in a different universe from what they do musically.

You guys are quite a bit more laid back. Some of their most recent stuff is pretty laid back as well. They have grown up a little bit and kind of mellowed out.

Was the show with the Walkmen your first time to play Dallas? Yes, it was for Milo Greene. I've been to Dallas with my last band. We want to make it there as Milo Greene many times.

What are your impressions of our city? Was the television program the only thing you had to go by? [Laughs] I personally like the city. I like that Deep Ellum area. I've been there a few times. The rest of the guys in Milo Greene, they are a bit greener. The guys are excited about coming back for the show at LaGrange. Andrew does have family in the area. It will feel like coming home a little bit for him.

What's the difference between being an indie folk band and a folk rock band? You have been described as both. Can I give you a new definition? Somebody categorized us as Americana dream pop and I think that is what we have taken to. We thought that was kind of a cool description. We have never considered ourselves a folk band. We just kind of got branded that somewhere along the line. I think cinematic pop or Americana dream pop is what we would classify ourselves as if we had our druthers.

You home city of Los Angeles has had its share of bands that have taken country music in many interesting directions. Why do you think that is? I could give you the generic answer ,that it is the weather, but Los Angeles has just an amazing musical history, as does the entire state of California.

Milo Greene performs with Michael Donner tonight, October 10, at LaGrange.

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