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Handicapping the Three Remaining North Texas Contestants on The Voice

Every season The Voice seems to have plenty of talent from Dallas and the surrounding areas.This season, as Guidelive notes, three of the top 32 contestants hail from Dallas-Fort Worth. Do McKinney’s Madi Davis, Fort Worth’s Blaine Mitchell or Dallas’ own Darius Scott have a shot? We’ve handicapped the final three local contestants' chances of making it to the bigs. Go ahead, bet this month's mortgage payment. What do you have to lose, besides the mortgage payment?

Madi Davis

Age: 16
Chances of making it to the top 10: Definitely Happening
Chances of winning: Pretty Damn Good

Madi Davis' youth would be a disadvantage in other singing competitions such as American Idol, but the judges on The Voice love young talent, in this case Gwen Stefani and Pharrell, who feuded over Davis after her rendition of Carole King’s “It’s Too Late” in the blind audition. Davis’ soulful, bluesy pipes give her a lot of potential on this show, and her old soul will guide her swiftly through the mentoring process. It won’t hurt that she’s got Gwen Stefani on her side, whose post-divorce blues can help Davis pen some killer melancholy, Adele-style tracks.

Blaine Mitchell

Age: 24
Chances of making it to the top 10: Iffy
Chances of winning: Slim to none

It took a long time for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to turn their chairs around in Blaine Mitchell’s blind audition, but that probably has everything to do with the fact that he chose to perform Train’s “Drops of Jupiter.” Mitchell has a great voice, but doesn’t exactly have the best stage charisma. He has already survived elimination once, though, when Adam Levine “stole” him away after he lost a battle to stay on Team Blake.

Mitchell’s a talented guy, but this season of The Voice is loaded with talented singers, so they’re going to be tough to whittle down. Unfortunately, Mitchell will probably be one of the casualties.

Darius Scott

Age: 24
Chances of making it to the top 10: Huge
Chances of winning: Solid

Dallas’ Darius Scott first impressed the judges with a version of “You Make Me Wanna,” which probably wasn’t the best way to showcase his vocals. That is, until he got to those high notes at the end of his blind audition. Damn, this dude can sing, and every judge took notice. Scott eventually decided to go with Pharrell, and what an excellent choice. Pharrell made Robin Thicke an international superstar, so imagine what he can do with someone really talented. We hate to seem like a homer, but Scott might just have this one in the bag. 

The Voice airs at 7 p.m. today on NBC-5.
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