Harry Connick Jr.

What I like about you, Harry Connick Jr.: Your soundtrack for When Harry Met Sally proves how ahead of the times you were in 1989; since then, lots of folks have adopted your do-a-bunch-of-songs-for-a-movie idea, including Badly Drawn Boy and Will Oldham, but not Simon and Garfunkel, who did it before you. You were pretty funny in the Will & Grace rerun I saw the other night, where you didn't tell Grace that your parents were actually your parents, so she went on and on about how people never take full advantage of an all-you-can-eat buffet. You played a plagiaristic serial killer in the Sigourney Weaver vehicle Copycat. (Truthfully, this isn't something I necessarily like about you, but I don't know any Romantics songs called "What I Find Unexpectedly Creepy About You.") Your fairly swinging new Christmas album, Harry for the Holidays, is the first I've heard this year and is therefore kind of fun and warm instead of trite and gloopy; plus, you exercised restraint in your use of the apple-cheeked kids choir. You were in Little Man Tate. I bought your 1991 album, Blue Light, Red Light, on cassette in junior high and thought it sounded so different from the Nirvana and U2 CDs I already had, which I suppose is true. I have no idea who Harry Connick Sr. is.
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Mikael Wood