Here Holy Spain

Blistering, driving and tearing from one song to the next, Here Holy Spain show no signs of slowing down on Division, the band's sophomore release on Idol Records. And while some bands would cringe at a review that used the words "loose," "menacing" and "gritty" to describe their music, that's exactly what Here Holy Spain are aiming for. In doing so, they paint a pretty clear picture of what their live shows are like, transporting the listener to stages such as that of the Double-Wide, where the band has played many shows over the last few years.

But listening to the songs on Division, which have been played at some of the band's recent high-profile gigs opening for such acts as the Toadies, other words come to mind—words like "huge," "thrashing" and "explosive." It's easy to see how these songs can thrive in both of these performance environments, even though, with just 10 songs clocking in at 30 minutes, this is truly a punk record.

They do try to slow it down a little on "Like A Charm," which makes up in drive what it lacks in speed. But nowhere on this record is there a lack of energy. On Division, Here Holy Spain prove that they know exactly what they want.


Here Holy Spain

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