House of Plates Knows You Want To See a DJ Eat BBQ

Back in December, we reviewed Jacques Renault's hyped set at Rio Room. And then, House of Plates, a Dallas blog that gracefully mixes music with food, documented Renault eating at Lockhart Smokehouse. Yes, barriers were broken.

As food and music continue to culturally intersect, and as restaurants become more and more "punk rock" (Andy Rooneyesque tangent: Is it a requirement for Top Chef contests to all have tattoos now?), House of Plates is certainly sitting squarely on the buzz.


Their "Tunes N Spoons" section features close to a dozen documented local outings with musicians. Some are pretty standard (Neon Indian at Taco Joint) and some make me wanted to elbow children and grandmas out of the way to get there (Girl Talk at Twisted Root Burger Company, for the "Fried Ride" appetizer alone.)

They've also been involved on the other side of the kitchen with "The Great Goodnight." "We treat people who have been helped by the Stewpot Homeless Shelter to a concert, a shopping spree and a meal," explains HoP representative Chris P.

"There is no name or identity associated with House of Plates," he continues. "Basically, we've maintained somewhat of a faceless approach. What was once our shtick has now kinda evolved into our image, or lack thereof."

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Audra Schroeder
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