Dallas Observer Music Awards

How Daniel Lumpkin and Steve Townley Became Tribute Band Megafans

The Dallas/Fort Worth music scene has an unusually strong subculture of tribute bands with an even more unorthodox subculture: dedicated tribute band fans.

The bands themselves aren't just background noise for private parties or corporate events or openers for bigger acts to keep the crowds entertained while the main talent does whatever bizarre superstitious ritual to please the rock gods before they take the stage. They headline their own shows at the big rooms aand tour the country because they can attract raucous crowds who are eager to experience the next best thing to the real thing live and in person.

"The tribute fans are awesome," said Mike Mroz, the lead guitarist/Angus Young of Back in Black. "They're just great. They come up and want to share their stories that have with AC/DC. I've heard a million stories about Brian Johnson and when they've seen them and that's cool because we're big fans too."

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