How To: Make Some Really Killer Indie Rock

Ah, indie rock. Is it a sound, a vibe, a business model, a fashion statement?

Maybe it's a little bit of everything.

Either way, it's the genre that, for better or worse, is probably responsible for this blog's existence -- and thousands of other music sites for that matter. See, where the lamestream media forgets to talk about real music, we here never miss a chance to pick up the newest indie band in town that shows how music should be made.

For all you losers still listening to crap like Top 40 and Southern hip-hop, we've decided to lay out for you, in simple terms, how to make indie rock. Follow these guidelines after the jump. You can thank us later when your album's hoisted up on a Good Records listening station.

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Sartaj Chowdhury
Contact: Sartaj Chowdhury