How to Plan Your Night for Each Genre at 35 Denton, with Maps

This post is meant to serve as one possibility in a blueprint thick with a calculus of possible tangents. It is not intended to create an air of exclusivity or bias, and should in no way be seen as a slight to all of the bands not mentioned. Its intent is to serve as a base guide for where to see many of the different bands playing the late night shows of 35 Denton, and which genre they play within. Note: Headlining shows were not mentioned because there is no real overlap among the different stages. Hope it helps.

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Thursday Routes: Punk/Hardcore/Metal: -Start at Hailey's at 9:30 for Terminator 2 -Head to Rubber Gloves at 10:30 for The Atomic Tanlines -Stay at Rubber Gloves for 11:30 set of Mind Spiders -Head back to Hailey's for 12:30 set of Pallbearer

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Alternate Punk/Hardcore/Metal: -Go to J&J's for 9:30 set of Bad Design -Head to Hailey's for the rest of the evening which includes Pinkish Black, Power Trip and Pallbearer

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DJ/Hip Hop/Electronica/R&B -Pretty much just stay at The Hive. Starting at 9:30, see Track Meet, Kingdom, L-Vis 1990, Prince William and Bok Bok

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Rock/Blues Rock -9:30 begins as a tie. Either start at Banter for Dim Locator or Dan's Silverleaf for Isaac Hoskins (Really shitty that we are forced to choose, but oh well) -Head to Andy's at 10:30 for Quaker City Night Hawks -Stay at Andy's for 11:30 show by RTB2 -Stay at Andy's for John Wesley Coleman, because even though he isn't really blues, or specifically rock, he is awesome.

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Alt/Indie/Wild Card -Start at Andy's for 9:30 show of The Satans of Soft Rock -Head to Dan's Silverleaf for 10:30 show of Spooky Folk -Go to Banter for 11:30 show of Paper Robot -Stay at Banter for 12:30 show of Warren Jackson Hearne and Le Leek Electrique

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Alternate Alt/Indie/Wildcard -Start at J&J's Pizza for 8:45 show by Secret Cakes. -Head to Sweetwater Grill & Tavern for Biographies. -Head to Mellow Mushroom for the 10:30 show of The Blurries -Head to Dan's for the 11:30 show of Ralph White -Stay at Dan's for the 12:30 Show of Buxton

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Second Alternate Alt/Indie/Wildcard -Same as the first alternate Alt/Indie/Wild Card but trade off The Blurries for the 10:15 J&J's show of Summer of Glaciers. -Then trade off the Buxton show for the 12:30 Mellow Mushroom show of Gypsyblood Friday

Punk/Metal/Hardcore -Start at Mellow Mushroom for the 9:30 set of PVC Street Gang -Head to The Labb for the 10:30 set of Roomrunner -Stay at the Labb for Wiccans at 11:30 and Destruction Unit at 12:30

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Rock/Blues Rock/Country Rock -Start at Dan's Silverleaf for the 9:30 set of Hares on the Mountain -Stay at Dan's for Danny Rush and the DDs at 10:30 -Head to Mellow Mushroom for the 11:30 set of Old Snack -Stay at Mellow Mushroom for the 12:30 set of Los Vigilantes

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Alternate Rock/Blues Rock/Country Rock -Start at Burguesa for the 9:30 set of So Far Safari -Head to Mellow Mushroom for the 10:30 set of King Automatic -Head to Dan's Silverleaf for the 11:30 set of Wayne Hancock -Stay at Dan's for the 12:30 set of Scott H. Biram

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Ambient/Folk rock -Start at Sweetwater Grill & Tavern for the 9:30 set of the Madisons -Stay at Sweetwater for the 10:30 set of Ella Minnow -Head to Banter for the 11:30 set of Shiny Around the Edges -Stay at Banter for the 12:30 set of The Angelus

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Alternate Ambient/Folk Rock

-Stay at Rubber Gloves all night for a Shoegaze showcase starting with Joy Sores at 9:30, then Skeleton Coast, True Widow and Whirr.

Alternate II Ambient/Folk Rock -Start at Sweetwater Grill & Tavern for the 9:30 set of Madisons -Head to the Hive for the 10:30 set of Def Rain -Stay at the Hive for the 11:30 set of Zorch -Stay at the Hive for the 12:30 set of Man Man

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-Just go to Hailey's starting at 9:30 for a hip hop/DJ showcase starting with -topic at 9:30 and then finishing with SPACE CAMP Death Squad, Fat Tony and Antwon.

Saturday Night *Saturday night for 35 is much more genre specific at each venue, so this will basically be a list of where to see which genre.

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A. Punk/Metal/Hardcore

-Start at the Labb for the 9:30 CODETALKERS show -Just go ahead and stay at The Labb, because Hormones at 10:30, Hunters at 11:30 and OBN III at 12:30 round out the best punk hardcore group of the evening.

B. Hip-Hop/DJ/Dance -Andy's is the venue for the hip hop/rap on Saturday night, beginning with Fab Deuce at 9:30, AV the Great at 10:30, Brain Gang at 11:30 and K. Flay at 12:30.

C. Folk I -Banter hosts a stellar lineup starting with Lily Taylor at 9:30, Mary Walker at 10:30, Jessie Frye at 11:30 and Dana Falconberry at 12:30

D. Folk II -Head to Burguesa for TC at 9:30, Team Tomb at 10:30, H.I. Jr. at 11:30 and Little Birds at 12:30

E. Underground/Experimental Folk/Rock Dan's has an amazing docket starting with Seth Sherman at 9:30, Dust Congress at 10:30, Valleys at 11:30, Akron/Family at 12:30 and Midday Veil at 1:00

F. '60s Revivalist/Retro Rock -Mellow Mushroom features La Migra at 9:30, MAGIC MILK at 10:30, HELL SHOVEL at 11:30 and Acid Baby Jesus at 12:30

G/H. Wild Card -The Wild Card is a tie, going to both J&J's Pizza (G) and Rubber Gloves (H). J&J's hosts The Well at 9:30, Vaults of Zin at 10:15, Communion at 11:45 and Ulnae at 11:00 Rubber Gloves has Final Club at 9:30, Pangea at 10:30, Gap Dream at 11:30 and Shannon and the Clams at 12:30

Sunday Night Shows

Punk -Start at The Labb for the 10:30 set of Deep Throat -Run to Dan's Silverleaf for the 11:30 set of The Coathangers -Run back to the Labb for the 12:30 set of White Lung

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Electro-Rock -Start at Hailey's for the 9:30 set of Strange Towers -Go to J&J's Pizza for the 10:00 set of Nervous Curtains -Head to Rubber Gloves for the 11:30 set of Locrian -Head back to Hailey's for the 12:30 set of Silver Apples

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Dance/Dance Rock -Just go to The Hive and stay there. Start with the 9:30 set of Delicate Steve, then witness Mac Demarco at 10:30 and Soul Clap Dance Off at 11:30.

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Wild Card Rock -Start at Dan's Silverleaf for the 9:30 set of Eat Avery's Bones -Go to Banter at 10:30 for the Catamaran set -Head to Andy's for the 11:30 set of Talk Normal -Close it out at Rubber Gloves for the 12:30 set of Prurient

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