In Defense Of... Beyoncé's "Dance For You"

I've noticed that I pick on Beyoncé a lot in my columns. Here's how I know - I've memorized the alt-key number sequence to type the accented e in Windows, and I don't even type in Spanish or French. (That code, by the way, is Alt and 0233)

I rail on Beyoncé so much because she's the most successful diva in the world now, and that makes her an easy topic for my columns. Also, it's probably not her fault for this, but her success tends to overshadow other woman musicians who have more interesting things to say than "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it."

Lastly, Beyoncé is a good singer, but her prima donna singing style tends to annoy me after a while. Okay, you have good range. Now say something!

This is why the Beyoncé song "Dance For You" is so refreshing. This track appeared on the deluxe edition of her latest album, 4. It's one of those b-side tracks that should have been on the regular release. In a show of mercy, Beyoncé keeps her voice on the low range throughout.

This track resembles sexually-charged slow-tempo R&B music from the '90s, the sort of cliché-ridden music that has been an ironic pleasure for me since Keith Sweat. The lyrics spell out comically overt phrases like "Tonight, it's going down" and "I'm gonna put my body on your body." No saddle or pony metaphors needed here.

Like its predecessors, "Dance For You" exaggerates its sensuality to the point of parody. It's just too fun to loathe.

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