In Defense Of ... Rihanna's "Where Have You Been"

Early last Thursday, Drake, Chris Brown, and their crews started a nightclub riot in the New York club WIP (Work In Progress). This stage had a wide cast of characters: Mary J. Blige, Meek Mill and Ne-Yo. San Antonio Spur Tony Parker was there too, and was among the injured bystanders that morning. Most of the news is assuming that this started as a tweet war centered around my favorite pop artist, Rihanna.

If this is the case, my brain thinks the club fight and tweet war was a shameful heap of male insecurity for all the guys involved. Random people got wrecked because Drake and Chris Brown's egos couldn't check themselves.

However, because Rihanna is involved, my heart and other emotional organs say something else. If this is a pop music homage to Homer's The Iliad, with Ri playing Helen of Troy, I'm gonna pick up my spear and armor and board the next trireme to Troy. I might get lost on a few Mediterranean islands on the way back, as in The Odyssey, but those islands are probably now swanky vacation spots with beachfront night clubs.These clubs might even play Ri's latest single, "Where Have You Been."

The fifth single from Talk That Talk, this track is the clearest example of why Rihanna charms me like a Siren. Her powerful vocals and plucky interjections appear alongside Calvin Harris' pop-house production, and this song features my favorite electronic music tool, the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer, buzzing in at the breakdown. My emotional organs win out here. I think Rihanna is worth fighting over in a pointless war of egos.

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Shahryar Rizvi
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