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Index Festival Has Been Canceled for 2016

One of Dallas music's worst-kept secrets has finally become official. After delaying last year's event for several months, Spune, the organizers behind indie music festival Index, have decided to pull the plug this year. Originally slated to take place last September, Index was originally postponed until an unspecified date this spring, but Spune have now given up on finding a replacement.

"After exhausting a tremendous amount of energy, we regretfully share that we are making the decision to cancel INDEX Festival," reads a press release issued by Spune on the Index website. "While the festival may return at a later time, we were not successful in identifying the right combination of available dates and venues."

That means that, for the foreseeable future anyway, the final Index Fest took place all the way back in 2014. That three-day event, which was headlined by Local Natives, was the festival's third-annual installment. But Spune have had plenty more on their plate since then, thanks to events that they book through Crowdsource, which they run in conjunction with The Dallas Morning News.

Among those other events are Untapped, which now includes events in four different cities, as well as The Reunion, which took place for the first time last year at Reunion Tower on the weekend of the Texas-OU football game. The Reunion took place only two weeks after Index was originally scheduled to happen, which would have made for an awfully compressed calendar on Spune's part.

"As many of you are aware, our calendar is quite busy and it makes the most sense for us to focus our attention on other endeavors," the press release says. "Unfortunately, canceling INDEX is a sacrifice it is clear we need to make."

Before now, Spune had offered no information on refunds for the festival, with tickets having gone on sale well before the initial postponement. They have now clarified that refunds will be issued.

"All ticket buyers have been contacted and refund checks will be mailed by 4/15. If you are a current ticket holder and have not received refund information, please email [email protected]," says the press release.

Requests for comment have not been returned by Spune.
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