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Is This Heaven? No, It's RGRS' New Weekly.

Tonight marks the first night of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios' "HEAVEN", a new, themed DJ weekly for Denton-based DJs Bryce Isbell and Owen Paul Story (aka FUR and OPS, respectively). And tonight's event, in addition to featuring Joey Liechty (aka Yeah Def) as a guest DJ, tonight's event will also feature a "secret guest" DJ who happens to be back in town--and one that, due to certain label-related goings on, can't be mentioned to promote tonight's event.

Of course, if you've been paying attention to any local DJ-related news or, say, GorillaVsBearcore buzz, you'll probably be able to figure out who the local, bloghouse fav DJ will be.

But, even if that guest should fall off the bill, tonight should still an interesting change of pace.

Isbell, who had been already been running a RGRS weekly Thursday night event dubbed "Atmosphere," says the residency needed some re-vamping. For, well, a few reasons.

"We were getting tired of people thinking that the rap act was playing or whatever," he says.

Now, Isbell says, HEAVEN is going to be what Atmosphere was originally intended to be: The club will be flooded with fog, ethereal/heaven-themed video projections by Chad Withers of Short Attention Span Theater, and "heavenly lighting to create a kind of "social experience." So, kinda like a down-to-earth, Denton version of Dallas' Purgatory?

"The idea is that we want it to be eclectic with lots of drum and bass and downtempo," Isbell says. "It's essentially the same weekly as Atmosphere, except we're gonna have dry ice, smoke machines, and smoking drinks."

What's even more heavenly: Cheap drink specials. And free admission, too.  

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Daniel Rodrigue
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