Jacob Metcalf Prepares To Head South, Sets Final North Texas Performance For Next Week

Dallas Family Band cohort Jacob Metcalf is leaving town. But is he off to NYC, like Norah Jones or Neon Indian? Or, perhaps, he's just fulfilling the old cliche and moving to Austin?

Nope. But he is headed south.

"I'm going to Guadalajara," Metcalf says over the phone from his parents' home in Little Rock, Arkansas. "But that's pretty much a springboard to a bunch of other places I'm headed to."

Metcalf is reluctant to discuss the details of his trip, but he's quick to emphasize its personal importance.

"I really feel the need to go," he says, "to wake up this part of me that seems to be slumbering."

He also expressed his reluctance to leave his friends in the Dallas Family Band just as the collective is gaining momentum. Earlier this summer, The Beaten Sea released an acclaimed debut album. And, soon, Ashley Myrick will release her debut Lalagray record, Devil's Nest, at her album release show on Saturday, September 4, at La Grange.

Metcalf too has some new music in the works: "I got a ton of material at the house," he says. "I'm using that as a sketching pad so that when we get into the studio there's no wasted time." 

Metcalf expects the new material to be released sometime in 2011, but there's no timetable in place because he has no idea when he'll return from his journey.

There is one last opportunity to catch Jacob Metcalf perform before he departs North Texas for good: He'll play with Baruch The Scribe at Dan's Silverleaf on Thursday, August 26.

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