Josh Pearson Announces Spring Release For Solo Debut, Last Of The Country Gentlemen

It's been years since Josh T. Pearson's so-called heyday, when Lift To Experience's blistering guitar assault overwhelmed the eardrums of concert-goers and his scarecrow-like frame stood nearly as tall as the ceilings of area clubs.

There are many tall tales of what he's done since then, living off of the legend of Lift To Experience's only record The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads, which was huge in Europe. One such story took place in 2005, when he tricked his former label Bella Union Records into putting him on tour in Europe just so he could enter the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Berlin, where he's lived on and off ever since. During his time there, Pearson performed some under his own name. And, turns out, he also did some recording: Pearon's solo debut record, Last Of The Country Gentlemen, will be released on Mute Records in the spring of 2011.

Want an early taste of what's to come on the disc? Check out a live performance of Josh T. Pearson singing "Woman When I've Raised Hell" on a rooftop in Paris after the jump.

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