Kaela Sinclair Makes Late-Night TV Debut With M83 on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It might've been hard to take your eyes off Teen Wolf last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but our attention was fixed firmly on someone else: Kaela Sinclair, who made her late night TV debut last night with Teen Wolf and his band M83. And she killed it, thank you very much.

Mind you, that wasn't the real Teen Wolf that Sinclair was playing alongside; it wasn't even Michael J. Fox. (Sorry to disappoint.) It was Anthony Gonzalez, the leader of the French synth-pop act that recruited Denton-based Sinclair as its new singer and keyboardist earlier this year.

The tour, which takes place to promote M83's new album Junk, kicked off in New Orleans earlier this month and passed through Dallas for a stop at The Bomb Factory, where Sinclair played a starring role. Thursday night national audiences got to see her for the first time, first as she backed up Gonzalez on "Do It Try It" and then as she shared lead vocals on the song "Go!"

Sinclair's keys played prominently in the mix during the first of those two songs (note to Gonzalez: maybe it's time to add a keyboard solo — just saying), while "Go!" was naturally the showcase for her singing; she even led the way on the refrains.

All in all, it was a great debut for Sinclair, but the best part was probably seeing her smiling and dancing away over the corner. She's clearly having a blast, as well she should be.

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