Kaia Bellanca Beggs: "I've Always Been Fascinated by Strong and Wild Front Women."

If you recognize Kaia Bellanca Beggs, it's most likely been from walking through the door at recent Deep Ellum casualty La Grange. Handling the door, and other La Grange duties, was just one of her jobs. Kaia is quite immersed in the local music community and has her own small business doing makeup and some modeling -- sometimes in front of the camera, sometimes creating pretty special visuals for other modeling subjects.

She knows her music, though...and how. Apart form growing up in the middle of the Dallas arts culture, she's also just gotten hitched to local music promoter and (new club in the old La Grange location) Three Links co-owner Scott Beggs, who we covered in LMM in the column's very beginning.

You do makeup and modeling. Your style with them seems to be very influenced by music. True?

I've always been fascinated by strong and wild front women. Theo Kogan, Karen O, Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, etc. So I guess that unapologetic attitude and style have bled into my makeup work. I love strong, colorful, graphic, loud art. Now, when it comes to fashion, I can't say I'm on the cutting edge. I have been wearing pretty much the same outfit since I was a scrappy little tomboy.

I'm sure you have your own musical tastes, but how much is that augmented by who youre married to? Are you pretty much immersed in what Scott is listening to almost as much as he is?

We had completely different musical influences growing up, so of course my top ten list is gonna be a little strange next to his. But that's even better, I think it's great to be introduced to new or different music all the time. And I'm always secretly hoping he'll become so smitten with one of my bands that he'll be compelled to book them in Deep Ellum. Hey, it's worth a shot.

Excited about Three Links? Will you have a role in it?

I am so stoked about Three Links opening, this place is gonna kill it. It's crazy the amount of excitement and support there is around the neighborhood, it's a great time to be in Deep Ellum and it's only gonna get better. I'm sure I'll have my toes in there somewhere, making flyers and helping out where I can.

Did you grow up here? Was there lots of music in your childhood years via family, etc?

My father is retired Air Force, so I'm not a native Texan but I've lived here for some time. My dad and my brother were always my biggest musical influences growing up. My dad was very into Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Primus, The Grateful Dead, motown, soul, classical piano.

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The wondrous variety of Primus and The Grateful Dead! Go Dad! How about Mom?

My mom's first date with my step dad was a Tool concert. Music was always a part of our lives. Apparently in early grade school, I even got in trouble for singing a couple of my favorite songs, little me having no clue what they were really about.

Are there certain bands or artists from here that people might not expect you to be a fan of, but are? Surprise us.

I don't know how surprising any of them would be, I'm pretty transparent, but I've definitely come across some really amazing musicians around here. I haven't put down Sarah Jaffe's music since my mom sent me a live video of her a few years ago. I couldn't tell you how many Fair To Midland shows I've seen since 2002, and you'll probably see me at every Atomic Tanlines show In Dallas. Until they become too cool for us.

Is the DFW local arts community truly a community? If not, what should change? What could better or worsen it?

Some of the most passionate and supportive people I know are artists. We all lean on and learn from each other, and I think there is a fantastic local art community here, at least from where I'm standing. It never hurts to have more local support, though, so these small galleries and businesses can thrive. The mall will recover from a slow season, but these small businesses need their community.

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