Kessler Theater Adds Second St. Vincent Show

Seems like we've been waiting weeks -- far longer than we expected -- for the scheduled Sunday, October 23, performance at the Kessler Theater from Dallas product Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, to finally sell out.

Well, today it most likely will, promises the Oak Cliff theater's artistic director, Jeff Liles.

"There are maybe, like, 15 tickets remaining," he says.

So, if you really want to make it out to that show, it's probably in your best interest to go get one right here, and ASAP. Well, that, or you could wait until tomorrow when another St. Vincent performance at the theater will be announced.

This afternoon, Liles confirms that the Kessler has confirmed a second St. Vincent performance to take place the night before the originally announced one, on Saturday, October 22. Ticket prices -- $15 to $25 -- at the intimate space will remain the same, as will all the other details, such as the opening act (Cate Le Bon) and so on.

Tickets to this second show will go on sale tomorrow morning, at the theater's Prekindle site.

And, suddenly, just like that, the question of how the 400-person capacity theater was able to score a performance from St. Vincent in the first place is answered. Turns out they had her booked for a two-night stay all along.

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