Kessler Theater Video Captures Fan's Offensive Speech After Being Ejected from Show

Last week, country star and Texas native Lee Ann Womack played back-to-back nights at The Kessler Theater. It was a chance for local country fans to experience an intimate performance (or two) with an artist who not long ago was playing to arena crowds. In other words, the perfect formula for a Kessler show.

But during one of the performances, two unruly concertgoers were ejected from the theater, at which point they unleashed an obscenity-laced speech full of racist and homophobic slurs and insinuations on the Kessler's artistic director, Jeff Liles. Now a video of the episode, recorded by Liles, is going viral around Dallas.

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Crazy person at The Kessler

Sometimes people talk too loud during shows and we have to remove them from the room. This was one of those times.

Posted by Jeffrey Liles on Saturday, May 9, 2015

The two women, who claim in the video to be friends of Womack's, were removed from the theater after complaints from other concertgoers. One of the women quickly leaves the scene when she realizes Liles is filming them, but the other, who has been identified as Kayla Watts, attempts to defend herself in a 10-minute recording that is awfully difficult to stomach. After describing herself and her friend as "white, normal people," she refers to Oak Cliff as "the hood" and even insults Liles' hair. (He has dreadlocks and can be seen later in the video.)

All in all, Liles and the Kessler staff dealt with the situation exceptionally well in the video. Kudos to them for remaining so patient and professional throughout the encounter.


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