KNON Has Found a New Home

Dallas' only locally owned community radio station has had a difficult month. With news that it was going to be forced to leave its current home on Maple Avenue to make way for storage units, KNON  89.3 FM was facing an uncertain future — and not for the first time. But after an outpouring of support from listeners and a weeks-long search, the station reports that it's set to move into new digs right on schedule this fall.

According to station manager Dave Chaos, KNON's new location will be at 11311 N. Central Expressway in North Dallas. After 10 years at its 5353 Maple Ave. location near Love Field, the new studio will be all set up and ready to broadcast on October 1. The new 3500-square-foot space will be on the first floor of a nondescript three-story office building with a rustic interior. It'll also have floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the studio, allowing for people to see inside as they come up to the station.

"Our real estate broker found this spot for us," says Chaos via email. "[It] was tough finding something we could afford."

As the station began its quarterly pledge drive about two weeks ago, DJs were spreading word that the station was forced to move because the landlord wants to make room for self-storage units. Grateful for pledges and donations from the community — and one very large contribution from an anonymous donor — Chaos says the station will now be able to pull through for the big move. The decision came after considering over 100 locations in the area.

"What is cool is we have Cindi's Deli next door for the living and the Casket Store for those who are not," says Chaos, making a macabre reference to the Grateful Dead and the station's Friday night Deadhead show. The station will start the moving process this weekend.

With over 100 volunteer DJs including live bands and a choir coming through the station at all hours of the week, Chaos says the new place will be a good fit for the radio station — and they're allowed to be loud. In the meantime, while the station reached its pledge drive goals just yesterday morning, they will be raising more donations for the move at the end of September with various benefit shows including a custom car show, a rock 'n' roll benefit and a heavy metal showcase.

Until then, the station will continue its regularly scheduled programming on the airwaves.

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