Last Night: Eagles Of Death Metal At The Door

Eagles of Death Metal, Klopek, Austin Brown Sounds, The Improv

The Door Dallas

December 12, 2008


Better Than: Just the plain old Eagles.


Cory Graves



Variety was the unifying theme of last night's seemingly random assortment of warm-up acts for the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Door.


The first band of the night, The Improv, seemed to know they were a little out of place: "We're kinda punk, not really Eagles of Death Metal style..." the frontman admitted a couple of songs into his band's set. The band's not-quite-ready-to-leave-the-bedroom-style was so out of place, it caused more than one member of the sparse turnout to query whether they were in fact at the right concert.


The second act on the hodge-podge bill was Austin Brown Sounds, who were equal parts George Thorogood and Har Mar Superstar (with a little Les Claypool action sprinkled in for good measure). The band;s funky sound was tight enough to more than make up for the Improv's misgivings; highlights from its set include a killer rendition of Donovan's "Sunshine Superman" and Mr. Brown yelling "Fight for it" as he showered the crowd with Christmas presents, among which were dozens of Austin Brown bracelets and a smattering of thrift store goodies, like a plush Mrs. Potatohead doll.


Next up were Klopek, who despite throwing down some face-melting guitar work between the verses on every song, still managed to sound like a Coheed and Cambria tribute. In contrast to the first band, Klopek was afforded the commodity of a decent soundcheck, but it didn't do much good to boost their standing with the crowd.


Sitting through the first three local acts, it was painfully obvious who the crowd was there to see. As Pilot's "Magic" blared over the sound system, Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jessie Hughes and company stormed the stage to an eruption of applause from what had slowly grown to a near-capacity crowd.


A couple of songs into his band's set Hughes joyfully exclaimed "We're having one of those B.E. nights..." before further explaining that the songs, in his opinion, were sounding their Best Ever. And he couldn't have hit the nail more squarely on the head: EODM sounded bigger and tighter last night than it had during previous stops through town. And while the band ripped through its catalog of bluesy garage rock in record time, what the audience was doing was too rambunctious to be called dancing--and yet wasn't quite violent enough to be considered moshing.


Midway through its set, the band pulled off a cover of "Stuck in the Middle With You" that sounded just as tumultuous as the rest of the EODM catalog--and every bit as good. By the end of the set, when the band brought out its biggest hit, "I Want You So Hard (The Boy's Bad News)", the crowd was worked into such a frenzy that at least one person was punched in the face.


For an encore, Hughes came back out and played solo acoustic versions of "Midnight Creeper" and "Cheap Thrills" before the rest of the band came back out and joined him for versions of "Cherry Cola" and "Speaking in Tongues" that managed to be louder and harder than their album counterparts.


Jessie Hughes really showed D-town how he earned his nickname "Boots" last night by gathering his band mates and delivering the biggest ass-kicking that the building on 2513 Main Street has seen since it has been called The Door.--Cory Graves


Critic's Notebook

Random Note: Get free Austin Brown Sounds mp3s right here.


By The Way: Some men do look good in mustaches


Kudos: To the Door for landing such a huge show for Deep Ellum.


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