Lil Flip is Playing a Cinco De Mayo Show in Addison, Because of Course He Is

Were you planning on going to Addison tonight? If you were planning on celebrating Cinco De Mayo, there's a good chance you might've been. In which case, you probably already know all about the Lil Flip show happening there tonight.

But just in case: Lil Flip is playing a show at On the Border. In Addison. For Cinco De Mayo.

So, uh, if you didn't have any plans, there's always that. Why the hell not?

The Houston rapper is scheduled to perform for about an hour, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. He'll be the only live performer at OTB's outdoor Cinco party, but he will be joined by DJs from classic hip-hop station Boom 94.5 FM. And, of course, a shit load of cheap drinks. ($4 margaritas and $3 Coronas and Dos Equis, to be exact.)

Jeff Gage
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