The Lions' search for the Blizzard of Ozz on their debut album, Volume One, is a psychedelic trip through dive bars and crack houses where only the almighty riff survives. The Austin-based foursome recorded the seven-song sphinx at The Den, earning their namesake as Kings of the Jungle. "Metal Heavy Lady" absolutely roars with ZZ Top riffage while the cowbell-toting "Guns" explores the missing link between Bon Scott and Vaden Todd Lewis. The dreamlike fuzz of the mid-tempo, feedback freak-out "System Down" is the unavoidable hangover caused by the dirt-cheap sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll of "Movement." Make no mistake about it, this is pure stoner metal—Kyuss' desert blues scorched with Blue Cheer's Vincebus Eruptum. Formed from the remains of The Good Looks in late 2005, Lions has marked its territory on the notorious Red River rock scene, performing with a reckless abandon matched perhaps only by the insanity of Gorch Fock. The group also recently recorded a live set at the Red Eyed Fly to be released in early 2007. Look out, the beast is loose.
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Austin Powell