Listen: New Sounds from A.Dd+, Flowers of God, Sore Losers, Little Black Dress, St. Vincent, Analog Rebellion and Paul Henry North

If it feels like things have been hectic of late, that's because they have been. October just tends to be that way around these parts, what with standard fall touring schedules pumping up the show-going options on top of the hype and added excitement that comes with such seasonal events as Austin City Limits (just a few weeks back), our own

Dallas Observer

Music Awards (which wrapped last week), next weekend's Fun Fun Fun Fest and, lest we forget, all of this weekend's Halloween festivities.

So, no, no one will blame you if you've been slacking on keeping in step with the new music that's been released of late. There's been plenty to distract you -- like last weekend's bevy of of St. Vincent performances around town, one of which saw Dallas native Annie Clark offering up a new and charming acoustic guitar and melodica take on her current single "Cruel" while performing at Good Records (watch above; tip o' the cap).

We're here to help. After the jump, check out impressive new tracks from A.Dd+, Flowers of God, Sore Losers, Little Black Dress, Analog Rebellion and Paul Henry North (formerly Sunnybrook).

A.Dd+ -- "Genocide"

Produced by former Sore Losers beat wizard Brandon Blue, then mixed and mastered by When Pigs Fly executive producer Picnictyme, this latest "loosie" from Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun finds the twosome mining their danciest vibe yet.

Flowers of God -- "Shuffle Your Feet"

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A new track from former Lift to Experience drummer Andy Young's Velvet Underground- and basically overall drug-influenced Flowers of God outfit scores with its riffy ways (courtesy of guitarist Jeremy Buller) and its incessant refrain: "Let yourself be an addict."

Sore Losers -- "Letter to My Competition"

The first new output from Sore Losers camp after releasing the unfinished Get a Life that Vincent Brown and Co. released in the wake of showing producer Brandon Blue the door finds the band addressing their haters and attempting to set the record straight on their position in town. "There's a new sheriff in town," Brown boasts toward the end of the track with enough conviction to make such a claim believable.

Little Black Dress -- "Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys Cover)"

Two years after releasing their debut album, Snow in June, Idol Records' Little Black Dress, the shoegaze collaboration between Bass Propulsion Laboratories studio partners Nolan Thies and Deep Blue Something's Toby Pipes, returns with a new, limited edition seven-inch that earned its released this week. The b-side features a new Little Black Dress song called "Underoverpass," but it's the a-side that's most interesting -- a surprisingly faithful, if shoegaze-influenced, cover of the classic Beach Boys track.

Analog Rebellion -- "Holy Atmosphere (All Your Resources)"

Daniel Hunter isn't afraid of getting a little political in his subject matter, and this new offering is no different as Hunter turns to climate change for inspiration on a song that continues his impressive, so-called "stadium lo-fi" output.

Paul Henry North -- "Badem"

Like his former Sleep Whale bandmate Spencer Stephenson, who recently changed his own solo performance moniker from Abacus to Botany, Dentonite Paul North has decided to forgo his Sunnybrook moniker in favor of his formal birth name. Sonically, however, his musical output hasn't changed all that much; new track "Badem" still finds North meddling in found sounds, ambient effects and tribal drums for an Animal Collective-inspired stew that's as druggy as it is uplifting.

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