Listomania: Danielson and Nine Other Acts That Like To Dress Up In Food Costumes

Daniel Smith, the frontman and creative force behind indie rock project Danielson, likes to play dress up.

This is no secret -- he and the band have sported everything from nurse costumes to police ensembles on stage over the course of their 15-plus years on the road. But the most impressive Danielson costume so far? Smith's nine-foot tall, fruit-bearing tree outfit (see right).

We're not sure if he'll be wearing this get-up on stage tomorrow night, as Danielson will be stopping through Dallas tomorrow night for a gig at the Loft, but, in his honor, we'd like to take a moment and pay homage to some of our favorite musicians who, like Smith, have at one point or another dressed up as a food item.

See some of our favorite pictures of musicians dressed as various types of food after the jump.

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Catherine Downes
Contact: Catherine Downes