Local on Local: GalleryCat Samples Sarah Jaffe, Seryn, Ishi and Others on New, Free Mixtape

Speaking of local musicians offering up takes on the 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards nominees: After performing a live mashup with Mount Righteous at last years awards and then watching LehtMoJoe digitally combine his band's efforts with that group's, local rapper GalleryCat has taken matters into his own hands this DOMA season, offering up a free six-song download of new songs in which he samples efforts from fellow nominees Sarah Jaffe, Seryn, Ishi, Sea Lion, Larry g(EE) and Datahowler.

The Seryn cover is especially impressive, as GalleryCat and his crew chop "We Will All Be Changed" into a tribal beat that'd be barely recognizable when compared to the original if not for the original's hook popping up in screwed form.

Download the Seryn cover after the jump. Download the whole album here.

Bonus MP3:

GalleryCat -- "Seryn"

If nothing else, it sure adds new life to the line "We can shape, but can't control / these possibilities to grow."

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