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Machine Gun Kelly Ain't Doing So Hot and He's Talking About Slumming His Way to Texas

Machine Gun Kelly rocked the stage at Austin City Limits Fest in 2021. Could we be seeing him more of him in Texas?
Machine Gun Kelly rocked the stage at Austin City Limits Fest in 2021. Could we be seeing him more of him in Texas? Rachel Parker
We don't know everything that's going on in Machine Gun Kelly's life, but some of the bits we do know don't sound like he's been able to "put my cool back on."

MGK has been trying to make the jump from music to film, and he had a truly funny stunt cameo in Jackass Forever, but the roles that didn't require getting hit in the face with a giant fiberglass hand weren't so hot. He co-wrote and co-directed the comedy film Good Mourning, which to date has grossed a total of $21,348 and has showed up on a lot of critics'  lists 10 worst films of 2022. He seemed to be gaining some momentum with a starring role alongside Kevin Bacon in the crime drama One Way. That one did slightly better critically, but financially it's raised just north of $30,000 because it didn't get a wide theatrical release, according to Box Office Mojo.

Then it appeared that he lost his fiancée Megan Fox, a fact she made super clear on Instagram when she posted "you can taste the dishonesty" and unfollowed MGK, only to follow his nemesis Eminem. Last week, the actress showed up at the Vanity Fair after-Oscars party without him or her ring. It also didn't help that she's been almost absent from social media, deleting pretty much all of his photos.

Put all of your snide jokes and mean comments aside for a minute. He's hurting. Everyone knows what heartbreak feels like, even if we're not lucky enough to have been dumped by Megan Fox. It also didn't help that he poured his aching heart out to his fans at a recent concert at Rodeo Houston.

A while back, MGK shifted his music from rap to pop punk; that alone couldn't be a bigger cry for help unless he started an emo band called "Cry For Help." During his set, he reportedly told the crowd, "Don't you guys kind of feel like I should just move to Texas? I could do it. My life's in shambles," according to iHeartRadio.

Some people in the crowd backed up the quote on social media, noting that it had a hint of jocularity behind it. But it still feels like the kind of joke you make with your friends when you're at your lowest moment.

It's also just very likely he's bantering with the crowd the way any A-list musician would between songs and sets, but is there something about Texas that he thinks will help pull him out of the muck of his emotions? Sure, the food is amazing, cheap beer flows out of the faucets and every major metropolis has more quality music than a Waffle House jukebox. It's just interesting that MGK thinks Texas could be his happy place. We hope he finds it, wherever it may be.  
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