Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard have had their 50-year careers officially recognized by Dallas City Council and Mayor Mike Rawlings.
Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard have had their 50-year careers officially recognized by Dallas City Council and Mayor Mike Rawlings.
Neil Zlozower

Mayor Rawlings Extends Official Recognition to ZZ Top; No Word Yet on Keys to the City

Hear ye, hear ye! Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has announced that he likely has good taste in music, as one of his last acts in office will attest. On Friday, Rawlings and Dallas City Council elected to grant special recognition to the native Texans that make up the band ZZ Top. The pun-laden commendation came on the same night the band kicked off its 50th Anniversary Texas Bash at Dos Equis Pavilion.

“WHEREAS, having crossed the Rio Grande Mud after Goin' Down to Mexico and forsaking El Diablo, and with a brief stopover in La Grange (where they were Arrested for Driving While Blind again), this venerable Texas band is gonna Mellow Down Easy in Dallas to start their 50th year — not Heaven, Hell or Houston,” the announcement reads.

Of course the Houston-based ZZ Top did visit home, as well as Austin, alongside Bad Company and Cheap Trick as part of the three-day prelude to the band’s wider U.S. anniversary tour, May 17-19. It’s no secret that Dallas holds a special place for the beard-bearing bluesmen. Our local government saw fit to set that record straight by giving a history lesson as well as props such as:

“WHEREAS, in 1969, following the demise of The Moving Sidewalks, Billy Gibbons' Houston psych-rock band, the singer/guitarist formed ZZ Top linking up with drummer Frank Beard and bass-guitarist Dusty Hill, both from the Dallas-based band, The American Blues; and

“WHEREAS, ‘That Little Ol' Band From Texas’ is as much a part of Dallas as Dallas is to the band — much like Concrete And Steel, Bar-B-Q, a Party on the Patio, and Dipping Low in the Lap of Luxury — What's Up With That?”

The band's releasing 15 studio albums, selling more than 30 million records and performing at a presidential inauguration ball (it might’ve been two if not for Rick Perry) were among the accolades mentioned by the city. It’s hard to argue with the praise and, if nothing else, this announcement is a welcome sign that our mayor is still hard at work, despite the looming end of his term.

Though adding yet another feather to the cap of ZZ Top is likely one of a few truly bipartisan measures to have passed the city’s legislative arm in years. Then again, there aren't many bands as synonymous with their home state, and who could say no to a beard like Billy Gibbons'?

“WHEREAS, most bands couldn't touch these Tres Hombres from Tejas with a Ten Foot Pole, having entertained fans for 50 years 'a Deguello' and showing that they still have Legs; and

“WHEREAS, some Dallasites still have the Blue Jean Blues since the band has Got them Under Pressure, we can take heart since we Heard it on the X that Jesus Just Left Chicago having Just Got Paid.”

Clearly someone downtown had a fun week. But where are those big keys to the city? They must only go to athletes, like Dirk Nowitzki or Michael Vick.

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