MC Router

Backed by blipping beats and cybernetic synth sounds that owe equally to Deltron 3030 and Duck Hunt, Fort Worth's MC Router dispenses a distinct vocal style not unlike that of a squealing 9600 baud modem. By her own description, the first lady of nerdcore spits "angsty lyrics" and "whiney rants" about a variety of geek-centric topics, from fake-ass gamer chicks to "message board assholes." And like any MC worth her weight in wax, the self-proclaimed 8Bit Bitch has partaken in some career-building beef. Actually, she initiated it. Wired magazine's less-than-spectacular summation of the burgeoning nerdcore movement persuaded Router to release a diss track threatening the writer of said article with, among other things, a knife to the spleen. There's no telling what kind of damage this girl could do with a Wiimote.

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