Method Man, Redman

In the days before they jumped the shark with Speedstick commercials and their God-awful acting skills, Red and Meth were rappers. Real rhyme slingers too, who flipped metaphors and dropped one-liners, told stories, got high and freestyled.

But since? Um....

Meth's 2004 album Tical 0: The Prequel was lackluster at best. Meth and Missy Elliott collaborating? Come on. Sure, he rebounded a bit with 4:21: The Day After in 2006 and got back to the grittiness he was known for—but few folks short of his devotees took notice because it earned him next to no airplay.

And his longtime partner in crime? Same story. Redman achieved the platinum record sales that had eluded him for years with 1998's Doc's da Name 2000, but he hasn't seen those kinds of numbers since. Not even on last year's very solid Red Gone Wild.

Still, it was the mid-'90s when these two's Blackout! Tour came through Dallas, so this show is long overdue. Here's hoping they give us what we've been waiting for.

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