Midlake Wins Best Live Act Award From MOJO

MOJO, the UK-based, self-proclaimed "world's best music magazine," announced yesterday the musicians who took home the top prizes in their 2010 Honors List (finalists were announced back in early May).

And look at this: Denton's own Midlake took home "Best Live Act" honor.

The Honors List, which can be found in it's entirety here, is voted on by MOJO readers and features a small explanation from editor-in-chief Phil Alexander as for why each winner was selected.

For Midlake's honor, Alexander wrote the following:

"It's a great time for live music and Midlake are a great live band. Their new album, The Courage Of Others, is one of those records that simply grows on you the more you play it but which you never tire of. Live, they are really coming into their own, managing to sound both epic and intimate at the same time--a rare ability. It's that quality that has endeared them so to MOJO readers, who voted them top in this tough category."

Clearly, the disappointment of our own Rodrigo Diaz regarding Midlake's show at Hailey's last week didn't make it across the pond in time to bias voters.

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