Mike Dillon

Dentonite Mike Dillon has injected his wildly ornate percussive stylings into a host of talented and eccentric pseudo-jam bands over the years--Ten Hands, Billy Goat, Critters Buggin and Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, just to name a few. Manhandling everything from bongos to marimbas since he was a wee lad of 10, Dillon's the type of ever-developing artist who's not satisfied with the popular limitations of an instrument or conventional arrangements. When Dillon's not cutting loose with various incarnations of the aforementioned groups, he's adapting his drumming into melodious song craft, composing with a vibraphone the way that most songwriters write almost exclusively with guitar or piano. His latest concoction of styles is self-proclaimed "punk-rock vibraphone." But considering his impressive résumé and reputation, such a summation seems suspiciously inaccurate.
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