The Smiths were undoubtedly one of the most important English bands of the '80s, and while the band dissolved in 1987 after a five-year run, frontman Steven Patrick Morrissey, better known as just Morrissey, grew to become one of the most significant music icons of the 20th century. Pegged as the leader of outcasts, Morrissey's tongue-in-cheek cynicism landed him the nickname Pope of Mope.

Morrissey's solo career lasted a solid decade before he seemingly faded away in the late '90s, resurfacing in 2004 with the release of You Are the Quarry. Since then, the Pope of Mope has gotten something of a second wind, actively touring and releasing new material.

Now, two years after playing a show at Dallas' Palladium Ballroom, Morrissey is returning to town, pompadour still intact.

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Catherine Downes
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