MP3 Dig: New Analog Rebellion

"Oh, he's just a baby!"

This is actually something I yelled at the computer while listening to Analog Rebellion, because I am apparently a 73-year-old grandmother and would pinch Daniel Hunter's cheeks if I saw him. A few listens to the 21-year-old's brand new Evaders EP points to some major maturation since last year's debut, Ancient Electrons.

He has an ear for hooks ("There Is Something Wrong"), knows when a song should end ("Lo-Fi or No-Fi (Fallacy)") and isn't afraid to experiment, as on closer "Stop Listening to This Fucking Band (Full Body Massage)." He also loves parentheses and has a sense of humor (mid-EP standout "Mixed Thsi Whole Album While Drunk Bro").

Catch him February 11 at Prophet Bar, and take a listen to a track from the EP after the jump.

"Lo-Fi or No-Fi (Fallacy)"

"Lo-Fi or No-Fi (Fallacy)"

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Audra Schroeder
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