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Music News: Deep Ellum Live Lives Again, Denton Speaks & More

Who says the sky is falling? Well, maybe a few people. Some of them were in Denton on Monday night to wring hands over the state of the music scene, although they weren't necessarily in the majority. There were none to be found in Deep Ellum, though, where, when folks weren't busy talking about D2, they were getting excited about Deep Ellum Live's return. Those stories and more highlighted this week's local music news:

Deep Ellum Live to Reopen in 2017

Ever wondered what's up with that empty part of the building attached to the end of The Bomb Factory? Then you're probably a young 'un, because duh, that's Deep Ellum Live, which closed in the early 2000s. Soon enough, though, it will be restored to its rightful place, as Clint and Whitney Barlow, owners not only of The Bomb Factory but also Trees, are set to reopen it next year. It could be yet another step toward making Dallas a top-tier concert city.

Denton Hosts Town Hall Meeting
Does Denton's music scene have a problem? That's up for debate. It's been a bit of rocky year, thanks to three prominent venues getting shuttered in eight months. So Christopher Cotter, a volunteer with Fort Worth's 1919 Hemphill, organized a town hall meeting that took place on Monday at the Greater Denton Arts Council. One thing seemed clear: If no one can agree on whether Denton needs fixing, then they've certainly got a ways to go to figure out how to fix it.

Convextion Drops First Album in a Decade

Anyone who knows anything about dance music in Dallas knows that this is big news. So, you know, probably the minority of people. (Don't worry, the dance scene is used to this, so don't feel too guilty.) Convextion, who lives in Plano and rarely makes local appearances, is one of the biggest techno producers in the world. He also hadn't released a full-length record in a decade before his 2845 popped up on Soundcloud last weekend. So, you know, give it a listen and tune into one of DFW's greatest hidden-but-not-really-hidden talents.

Oaktopia Reveals Local Lineup

Is Oaktopia the best music festival in North Texas this year? Not yet, it isn't, seeing how it doesn't take place for another month. But it sure has a good looking lineup — including, as of last Friday, an extensive lineup of local bands. Where to even start, when there are 90 of them to choose from? The Oaktopia folks have even given the local lineup its own name, Blood Moon Parties, as they'll all be taking place in clubs rather than on the outdoor stages.

DFW Snags the Kanye Swag

Ugh, why is Kanye West even a thing? Probably because he's one of the most influential pop music producers of the millennium, and also a savvy marketer and self-promoter (no matter how many times he says he's broke). So, naturally, when he announced that his St. Pablo-themed pop-up would be, uh, popping in Frisco last weekend, droves of people showed up to buy his obviously-not-overpriced merchandise. Kudos to you if you got in the door, but if you didn't, out photographer Kathy Tran gutted it out for you.
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