Think what you want about Ne-Yo and his excessive mouth-smacking speech pattern. The dude can write a song.

Since his 2006 debut with In My Own Words, and its seemingly omnipresent single "So Sick," Ne-Yo's delivered catchy, solid tunes with real substance in the lyrics. He flirts often, and talks dirty at times, but Ne-Yo is a refreshing and melodic break from the strip club bangers that bogart urban radio.

Plus, he's all about presentation when it comes to his clothes, his dance moves and his lyrics, and that alone—regardless of his recent spate of hit singles ("Single," "Closer" and "Miss Independent") from 2008's Year of the Gentleman—is enough of a reason to check out his show. And though he's battled gay rumors for years now, one still has to appreciate how much love he shows the ladies. I mean, come on, the boy wrote "Irreplaceable" for Beyoncé. What woman doesn't love that song?

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