New Bohemians

There's no doubt that Edie Brickell's dreamy lyrics and shy yet versatile voice tended to overshadow the other talented New Bohemians during the band's late-'80s heyday. Nowadays, with Edie holed-up with her family on the East Coast, the rest of the band manages to keep quite busy. Percussionist/drummer John Bush plays in the Small Stars and Foamy, guitarist Kenny Withrow is often on tour as a sideman with bands like Everlast or the Spin Doctors, Sorta's Carter Albrecht was last seen touring with Charlie Sexton and Brad Houser and Brandon Aly play with Zydeco Blanco. But rest assured, more "full-band" activity is on the horizon. The New Bohemians' Web site teases with a newly recorded download, and the band members' MySpace pages are frequently updated. For faithful fans desperate for signs of life, it all points to a new album in the near future, but in the meantime, a more free-form show without Edie will do just fine.
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Sander Wolf