Caity Colvard

Night Moves: Lil Jon at Ghostbar

“Bling Bling” and “Krunk Ain’t Dead” are two terms I’m not exactly familiar with. However, Wednesday night, the Ghostbar was packed with girls, grillz, and ghetto fabulousness as Lil Jon spun some tracks just, seemingly, because.

Lil Jon of “Yeah," “Snap Yo Fingers” and “Get Low” fame graced the Big D with his presence Wednesday night without promoting any albums, singles or new artists.

The chill atmosphere was disrupted with screams and hollers as the “King of Krunk” entered in bandanna and sunglasses. His entourage followed in single file behind him, making a bee line for the coveted roped-off velvet couches beside the DJ Booth. Casually ignoring catcalls from adoring female fans, Lil Jon and his crew munched on mini sliders and beer before beginning his set.

At the command to “Put yo hands up, y’all,” the crowd immediately rushed forward and began bumping and grinding to Lil Jon’s greatest with such intensity, it literally rocked the floor beneath our feet. Familiar tracks were mixed with some of the producer/rapper/DJ's greatest collaborations.

Spin-off artists rocked the club, apparently into the early morning hours, but intense hip gyrations and screams of "Skeet skeet skeet" sent this emo-punk loving blogger packing on home before the clock struck 12.

Check out photos from the night in our slide show here. --Caity Colvard

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.