No-So-Pedestrian Playlist: What Kind of Music Do Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion Listen To Off The Court?

Welcome to a new recurring feature here on DC9 where we talk to people of interest in the metroplex about their taste in music, including likes, dislikes, and guilty pleasures. We're calling it Pedestrian Playlist -- because, hey, everyone listens to music.

You didn't think we would get the Mavericks DJ's Pedestrian Playlist without getting some of the NBA team's players too, did you?

Well, after last week's Mavericks-Trailblazers game (which Dallas won), we were lucky enough to be invited into the Mavs' locker room to engage on our quest to find what kind of music area folks listen to when they're not doing the thing for which they're known. Volunteering to be asked for what has to have been the most difficult question tossed around that night? Just a couple of guys you may have heard of before: Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion.

As expected, Marion and Kidd cemented the love affair between hip-hop and basketball with their answers. Nowitzki, however, broke form, sharing with us his love for classic rock.

After the jump, enjoy a video with some highlights from last weeks game and the players' answers to our query, all soundtracked by their hand-selected songs.

Or if YouTube is more your flavor, click here...

The Pedestrian Playlist of Dirk Nowitzki

Old-school Rock

Led Zeppelin


The Pedestrian Playlist of Jason Kidd

Chris Brown | "Deuces"

The Pedestrian Playlist of Shawn Marion

Young MC | "Bust a Move"

Rick Ross | "Aston Martin Music"

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