No, Turns Out Dave Navarro Was Not In Town To Play The Open Mic Circuit This Weekend...

Lots of Dave Navarro-related excitement in the local Twittersphere this weekend, as the Jane's Addiction guitarist and band mercenary (Red Hot Chili Peppers, most notably) was apparently bouncing all around town, hitting Billiard Bar last night and the Double Wide and the Deep Ellum BuzzBrews location on Saturday night, and leaving a trail of excited tweets behind him.

It was enough to leave at least one local folkie, The Beaten Sea's Benj Pocta, wondering if Navarro was gonna hit up the open mic scene while here.

No such luck. Navarro, it seems, was in town to hang out with Elm Street Tattoo co-owner Oliver Peck, with whom he's working on a new reality television series. Because Dallas really needs more of those.

Seems Peck is one of Navarro's co-hosts on the upcoming Spike TV reality competition series, Inkmaster, which will start its run on the cable channel in January and aims to crown the nation's top tattoo artists. But shooting for the show wrapped back in August, answered Spike TV's senior director of communications Debra Fazio when we called to see what they might be doing in town.

"I guess they just got to be friends during the show," says Fazio, who sounded super stoked to hear that the two were still palling around, off the set. "They were just hanging out, as far as I know."

Which leads to some good and some bad news, depending on your thoughts of Dallas' place in the reality television world at the moment: None of the show was taped here.

"We talk about Oliver and his experience and the shop there and all that," says Fazio. "But, as for the show, it was all shot in New York."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.