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Frequently asked questions: Dallas Observer Music Awards 2005

Where did these nominees come from again?

In February we asked readers to fill out an online-only ballot to nominate their favorite artists for the Dallas Observer Music Awards. (Because it was online, we were able to spot ballot-stuffing easier. Long story. Ask someone who understands.)

That's different, I guess. Did it work?

I think the ballot is a fairly accurate reflection of the current scene, in which a metal act like A Dozen Furies sits alongside a Brit-pop band like Radiant* for best overall act.

Any surprises?

Bands like Eisley and The Polyphonic Spree, who normally sweep these things, made a smaller showing than usual. I suspect voters made the same assumption: that everyone else would vote for them. There are some disappointments, too, like Pleasant Grove and The Deathray Davies not being nominated. Then again, big-draw bands the paper tends to neglect--like The Feds and Olospo--got their due.

Why do some categories have five nominations and some have six?

Different reasons. Sometimes there was a tie. Sometimes adding a sixth nominee meant an artist who might otherwise be left out could be included. I'm a softie like that.

Where's Reverend Horton Heat? Where's Erykah Badu?

I made an executive decision to retire them to the DOMA Super Badass Hall of Fame. I'm sure I could swing some kind of certificate, should they want one.

When does voting begin?

The first ballot appears in the March 31 issue. As always, you can vote online, too.

When are the awards?

Tuesday, May 3, at the fabulous Granada Theater.

Can I borrow some money?

Sure, kid. Here's a 20.

Dallas Rocks for David: Friday night's benefit for David Cunniff raised just less than $25,000 for the paralyzed father of three. More than 800 people bought tickets for a show at the Lakewood Theater that included performances from the Old 97's, The Deathray Davies and Salim Nourallah.

Get Gone Again: Slobberbone´s Farewell Show Slobberbone's final concert on Sunday may have been billed as a Denton send-off, but the rest of the world wouldn't hear of it. Fans from the States, Canada and Europe crowded Dan's Silverleaf to say goodbye, and after a touching surprise set by Centro-matic, including a special tribute song by Will Johnson, the headliners tore into a three-and-a-half-hour farewell. Early in the night, when lead singer Brent Best sang a quiet, aching version of "Lumberlung," tears already covered his face, and emotions only grew as the band retired each song in the catalog. But there was no time to wipe any eyes, because Slobberbone forged on with rocking takes on favorites like "Billy Pritchard," "Gimme Back My Dog" and "Springfield, Illinois," and after hugs between members and a rambling, drunken thank-you speech, the band ended its career with the rocking twang of "Dunk You in the River." The crowd--soaked in sweat, tears and beer--had been drowned one last time.

--Sam Machkovech

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