Old 97's and Waylon Jennings Collaborations Will Finally Get a Full Release

In 1996, Dallas' Old 97's played a few songs with Waylon Jennings in Nashville. Those songs never saw the light of day until Record Store Day this year, when they came out as a limited-release 7". But now, Omnivore Recordings will be giving the two songs a wide release, along with a few unreleased 97's demos, also from 1996.

The EP will be out on CD, with art from Jon Langford and liner notes by 97's front man Rhett Miller, on October 1.

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Here's the track listing:

"Iron Road" (with Waylon Jennings) "The Other Shoe" (with Waylon Jennings) "Visiting Hours" (1996 demo) "Fireflies" (take 2, 1996 demo) "London I Know" (1996 demo) "Born on a Train" (1996 demo of a Magnetic Fields cover)

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