Old 97's Ticket Giveaway: Tell Us Your Story

After all these years, there's still something special about seeing the Old 97's back where they started -- right here in their native Dallas. Perhaps it's Rhett Miller and the boys' longevity; perhaps it's whatever that certain something special is that leaves us longing for the "next" Old 97's. Either way, it's more than just nostalgia. (Their upcoming album, Most Messed Up, is proof of that.)

Then again, nostalgia never hurts. As we prep for the band's return to town this Saturday at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, DC9 at Night has an offer to help make this visit an especially memorable one: a pair of free tickets to the show. Below the break, find out how you could be the lucky winner.

The idea's simple. Just about every Old 97's fan has a story of how they first heard the band. Maybe it was a live show before they'd broken out of North Texas. Maybe it was that copy of Too Far to Care you bought on CD, or the mixtape your friend made you with "Wreck of the Old 97" on it. One way or another, we want to hear your story. What's your first memory of hearing the Old 97's? Why has that moment hung with you?

Send us your stories by the end of the day today, either in the comments section below or at jeff.gage@dallasobserver.com, and we'll pick our favorite. First thing tomorrow morning, we'll announce the lucky winner (plus-one, of course).

And with that, share away!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.