Are you a frustrated writer?
Are you a frustrated writer?

Open Call for Music Writers: Like So You Think You Can Dance But With Less Physical Activity

Do you have a lot of free time? Are you possibly un(der)employed? Do you know DFW music like the back of your pale, writerly hand? It's hard out there for a scribe these days but hark! The Observer music section is looking for a few good freelancers.

That means having a genuine love for music as well as interesting print and blog ideas beyond the standard Q&A and tired-ass lines of questioning. "What are your influences?" That made my eyes heavy just typing it.

I'm looking for informed rants, cultural evisceration, pop-culture experiments. Someone who can survey the local landscape with a critical eye and a little heart, too. (We writers do have them.) It's a plus if you're especially versed in a genre -- jazz, hip-hop, metal, electronic, bro-core, horsewave, fidget house. You know, the classics.

If reading this got you excited, send me an email with some relevant clips and a few possible pitches. Serious inquires only! No weirdos. Unless you know about dubstep.


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