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Over The Weekend: F6 Gallery Party, Melodica, Frightmare

Art at Arlington's F6 Gallery. (Michael Insuaste)
So, it's probably not a surprise that we hit up Melodica – we've been talking about it for awhile now. So, yes, we went. We wrote about it. But we also drove over to Arlington for a great art event (seriously), got our Oscar fix and peeked in on a horror film fest.

F6 Gallery One-Year Anniversary Party

Arlington's F6 Gallery has quickly caught our attention and that of the local arts scene. The party's co-organizer Guy Black admitted Arlington isn't exactly known for its art scene. But with its unique monthly exhibits like Uppercase (all the art was related to the alphabet) and Electroshock (art inspired by all things electronic), F6 is slowly changing that. The gallery was packed Saturday night with local artists and art fans who are convinced F6 is doing something cool. See who hit up the shindig in our slideshow.

Melodica Festival in Expo Park

It wasn't just us who wanted to see how Melodica would do. As we mentioned last week, even Pitchfork was watching. So, we went out this weekend. Avenue Arts was always packed while Sloppyworld felt a bit open. We checked out Yells at Eels, Faux Fox, Treewave and Faceless Werewolves Saturday night. Check out our review of Saturday's events, and please share your stories from the weekend music fest.

Texas Frightmare Weekend

We stopped in at the Frightmare weekend up in Grapevine mostly out of curiosity. The event is all about celebrating horror flicks. We love zombie movies. Frightmare is mostly about screening great horror movies, like Night of the Living Dead. So, we couldn't help but stop in to see who showed up and if there were lots of people dressed up. Mostly, we ran into people who looked like us (not dressed up and really pale).

Academy Awards

So, we ended up staying at home Sunday night and watching the Oscars. Overall, we were really pleased to see that the Coen brothers got serious love – especially the Best Picture win for No Country for Old Men. -- Chelsea Ide

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