Rosey has the mod thing down. (Melanie Gomez)

Over The Weekend: Rockers vs. Mods, Kristy Kruger, Moonlady Festival

The highlight of our weekend was definitely the Rockers vs. Mods opening night party at Amsterdam. There were cool bikes, good people and plenty of drinks. All things we like.

Rockers vs. Mods

Despite the name (and the inspiration), the mods and rockers were having a damn good time together at Friday's kick off for the weekend long motorcycle and scooter shindig. We met an original mod, who was at the 1964 rocker-mod riots in England, and a trio of rockers who travelled from Oklahoma for the gathering. After the drinking and the partying, everyone hit the streets for a ride.

Kristy Kruger at Opening Bell Coffee

Singer/songwriter Kristy Kruger is a treat to see live. Her country-meets-folk sound is refreshing and soulful. Her Friday night show was super intimate, and nearly everyone left Opening Bell Coffee enchanted by her timeless vocals.

Moonlady Festival

Tarot readings at the Moonlady Festival. (Rebecca King)

Saturday was hippie night -- super hippie night – out at White Rock. Drum circles, psychic readings, henna tattoos and the like were prevalent at the Moonlady Festival (photos), and we'll admit it was fun. The vibe was uplifting and the dancing was free-spirited.

Easter in the Park

So, we're not real into the religious side of Easter, but damn if we don't dig the bunny. We popped in at Lee Park Sunday to get in the springtime mood. Typically we're anti dressing up pets in costumes, but, admittedly, we totally enjoyed the pooch parade. Then we did the picnic thing and checked out the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. It was laid back, and a pretty awesome afternoon. -- Chelsea Ide

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