On Saturday night, for the second time in two years, the Dandy Warhols rocked out at the Granada, this time in support of their greatest hits album The Capitol Years 1995-2007.

And although the band is getting older (lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor is 43), the band's still surprisingly energetic. And that's great, because although the Dandies are a pretty commercial band these days --no, literally -- they showed the folks at this show that they deserve each and every bit of the attention they've received over the years.

Over The Weekend: The Dandy Warhols at The Granada Theater

Listening to their set felt like going through the last decade in TV, thanks to songs of theirs such as "Country Leaver" and "Bohemian Like You" earning prominent TV placement over the years.

In fact, during "Bohemian Like You" in particular, it was hard to pay attention to their jack-o-latern visuals and avoid the image of a Ford Focus driving through your head, with the music serving as the background and some voiceover guy offering a sweet 0 percent APR. 

But don't let that mislead you: This outfit, at the end of the day is a psychedelic rock band deserving of the psychedelic tag.

As the band moved along through their setlist, they revealed their ability to move through movements of their longer songs fluidly, providing a sense of flowing energy that was understandable without it going into self-serious prog rock manifesto territory, coming off like The Rolling Stones, with a just a hint of Velvet Underground shoegaze on top to make it interesting yet entertaining. Just because you make art for commercials doesn't mean you can't make good art.

Opening for The Dandy Warhols was Hopewell, who sounded like Dandy Warhols on stronger drugs, thanks to long movements, sudden stops and guitar-synth effects. They had everything necessary to be solid post-rock outfit -- nothing stuck out as out of this world goof, but they were excellent at their execution of the sound.

Critic's Notebook
Personal Bias: I was introduced to the Dandy Warhol's via TV commercials. But after doing an Aural Ambush on them last week, I gained some respect for them, even if they didn't necessarily win me over as a fan. 

Random Note: Having energy is good, but sometimes it felt like they were forcing it.

By The Way: The crowd enjoyed the show all night and although generally seemed like they were from Generation X, there was a decent show of teenagers and twentysomethings.

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