Pitchfork's Still Got It Bad For Denton, Which Is Good News For Abacus.

Well, Pitchfork once again reached its thick red prongs all the way to our fair metro area this morning, by featuring two tracks by the Denton-based experimental act Abacus.

"What's in the water in Denton, Texas?" the Pitchfork author jokes in the write up -- this is after all the second time in one week that the tastemaking site has featured a song by a Denton-based act as a Forecast track.

But, the two recently "forecasted" acts share more in common than the City of Denton's water supply. (Insert your best Whale supply joke here.)

See, last Wednesday Pitchfork featured a track by Sunnybrook, which is the solo moniker of Sleep Whale's own Paul North. Coincidentally (perhaps), Abacus is the solo moniker of Sleep Whale's drummer Spencer Stephenson.

But with the supply of Sleep Whale members' side projects about to run out, one can't help but wonder which local act will get the Forecast track treatment next....

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