Poster Design Contest Announcement: Design The Poster For Angels & Airwaves' Dallas Stop, Get Hooked The [Expletive Redacted] Up.

This past weekend, sometime blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge's other band, Angels & Airwaves, released its third studio full-length, an album called LOVE. Which is fitting, of course, since that was Valentine's Day weekend and all. But the band also took an interesting route with this release, offering it up as a free digital download available on its Web site. And the band's fans responded in kind, downloading 250,000 copies of that sucker in the first weekend alone--an impressive feat no matter how you cut it, really.

So it's pretty safe to safe, then, that band's May 20 performance at the Palladium Ballroom should draw a pretty decent-sized crowd (tickets go on sale on Saturday at 10 a.m. via Ticketmaster). Which makes this promised announcement all the sweeter:

Can't say for sure how it happened (mostly because I don't really know... maybe the band saw our Poster of the Week competitions and wanted in on the action?) but Angels & Airwaves has approached us and asked us to run a poster-design competition to promote the band's upcoming show.

Which means what, exactly? Well, in short: We're calling for poster submissions to promote the gig--not sure on any required dimensions, but we'll update as we get that info--and our POTW captain, Observer art director Alex Flores, will pick the winner. That person's design will then be used by the folks at the Palladium and AEG Live to promote the event--and in turn, the designer will get free VIP access to the show and a chance to meet the band. Not a bad deal for an aspiring graphic designer. Plus: Bragging rights, what what?

Want in on the action? Send your poster submission here with the subject line "Angels & Airwaves Poster Contest" and we'll consider it for the contest. So go for it. And good luck!

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Pete Freedman
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